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Våke has created their own form of mellow folk pop, with warm acoustic instrumentation and tight vocal harmonies. They aspire to write unassuming, honest songs about things that matter. Based in Oslo, Norway, they mostly sing in Norwegian, but they have reached people all over the world with their music.

"The vocals are done so fragile at parts that you’re holding your breath to not break them, when at other parts they feel distinct but still warm and sympathetic. [...]. It’s something very special when someone is able to express feelings with music, and with ‘Bølger’ the guys of Våke did an outstanding job doing just that", KMS Reviews.

"Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, here the intention comes to you in its fullness, thanks to the crystalline clarity offered by the musical delivery [...] with “Farer,” Våke demonstrates in all its essence how music can truly be a universal language", NOVA Music Blog.

“Music has no boundaries, and sometimes those of language mean nothing if the heart is there. In this track, Våke proves this to us. Even if we don’t understand the words, the intention and melody allow us to be carried away with emotion”, Direct Acu.

Våke consists of:

Rannveig Amundsen

Vocals, songwriting, piano


Rannveig is one of the lead singers in Våke, as well as a songwriter and pianist. Rannveig’s lyrics often express what she is going through in that moment in life, and they can be raw, humorous and honest at the same time. Her melodies tend to mimic the emotion in the songs, and can range from bouncy and upbeat to slow and pensive. 


Vocals, songwriting, violin


Vårin is one of the lead singers in Våke, as well as a songwriter and violinist. Vårins lyrics are very poetic in their imagery and the way they portray love, relationships, insecurities and the way she navigates these things through life. Her melodies are both catchy and emotive, capturing the essence of her lyrics in a way that can be felt in the music as well as her words.


Guitar, songwriting


Andreas is Våkes guitarist, as well as a songwriter. He lays the foundations on most of Våkes songs, which helps inspire the vocal lines that Rannveig and Vårin write. Andreas also writes his own lyrics and melodies.

His background as a writer influences his lyrics, which often takes the form of short stories.

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