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Almost two years after we started recording it, our first full-length album "Farer" is out! We are so happy with how this album turned out, and very excited for you to hear what we have been working on. We are deeply grateful to all our wonderful collaborators that helped us get here, especially to our producer (and mixer, instrumentalist, backup singer and overall musical wünderkind) Thomas Nessheim.


The album has nine tracks, three of which have been released as singles:


1. The far

A short, minimalist song, with only an acoustic guitar and a cello backing up Vårin and Rannveig's vocals and harmonies. Written by Andreas years ago, it has become a staple Våke song, and a tender, intimate moment in our live sets. We decided to open with this song because it introduces the theme of the album with its depiction of the scariness and beauty of human commitment - and because it is such a sweet little tune!   

2. Nothing if not kind

A country (ish) song! As with all country songs it is about a break up. The music and lyrics are written by Andreas and performed by Rannveig. We have only played this song live once and in a completely different arrangement from the one we recorded. So even if you have followed us for a while this one should be new to you. Hope you like it! 

3. Farer

Our hit single (well for us, anyway) and the title track of the album. Written by Vårin and Andreas, it is by far our most frequently played song! It is also a song that defines the Våke sound with its subtle layering of guitars, vocals, drums-that-are-not-drums (mostly pencils and a footstool) - and even a trombone thrown in for good measure. 

4. Now and then

The closest we get to being a Simon & Garfunkel cover band: an intimate fingerstyle-guitar song with tight harmonies. The second chorus has been described as "peak Våke" and it is pretty obvious why. Written by Andreas and Vårin, it is one of the songs that have been with us the longest, and that we have performed the most. We chose to keep the stripped-down arrangement from our live shows for the recorded version.

5. Bølger

We released Bølger as our first single in august 2020. It is a soft-spoken plea to the other person in a relationship to live with the narrator's insecurities, written by Vårin and Andreas. We attempted to make the orchestration both intimate and big at the same time, and the recording contains some gorgeous cello, viola and trombone parts from our guest musicians.

6. Kan du bli her nå

Another song that has been with us for a few years. Completely retooled for the album, it is a mellow meditation on companionship written by Rannveig and Andreas, supported by several layers of dreamy electric guitars, keys and backup vocals. We almost sound modern on this one!   

7. Famous blue raincoat (Leonard Cohen cover)

We started to cover this song by Leonard Cohen for our concerts, and now it almost feels like one of our own. We decided to include it on the album as an homage to a songwriter that has been a big inspiration for us. 

8. Darling

This is a fiery folk song, written by Vårin and Andreas. It is inspired by Norwegian lullabies and written as an encouragement to stay true to one's convictions. With a driving 12-string guitar accompanying a folky viola and a no-nonsense vocal delivery from Vårin it is one of our most up-tempo songs - and very fun to play!     

9. Fra deg

The album ends on a somber tone with Fra deg, also previously released as a single. Written by Rannveig and Andreas, it is a quiet reflection on loss. Rannveigs personal lyrics are paired with understated piano playing from our producer Thomas to create an atmosphere quite unlike any other song on the album.


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